Will I be bad if I commit a crime?

I am a person who thinks about the welfare of people.I always doing good and help people.I strive to help someone who needs helpl.I think a lot of people should donate to organizations to help other peoples. When peoples are happy, I am happy too.I help not only peoples but also animals. For example, I donate to shelters or I bring food and water to street animals. If everyone did this, animals and humans wouldn’t need help.It would be better if ı worked on humans.

So let’s get to the real questions, if you commit a crime to feed a hungry child, does it make you a bad person? This question never occurred to me when I am helping so many people, children or the elderly.So how would anyone else answer this question? I answer this question like this, I think it depends on how bad the crime we committed is.Of course, our crime may be light or serious.But I would do my best to feed a starving child.For example, if my crime had been theft, it wouldn’t have made me a bad person. People thought I was a bad person.but if ı had helped the boy i would have been a good person for him.I think, it would changed whether I
was a good or bad person for both parties.so I dont have a clear answer regarding this particular case.but my decision is, if i commit a crime to feed a hungry childthat dont make me a bad person.In fact, good or bad people change from person to person. For example, a good person can do a lot of harm to another person.Or people we thought were bad did someone a favor? If the crime we committed was serious, would people see me as a good person for feeding a child? I dont think so.because people judge you by the crime they committed before they see your personality is good or bad.Even if your crime is bad, even if you do good, they will remember you as bad person.




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