Win or Lose

As humans, we are harming the nature in which we live. And this situation is treated very normally for people. But this is a very wrong situation. People should be aware that they need to keep the environment clean. It is not a good thing that the environment is polluted, and they are risking the lives of other living things and their own lives. This is how many environmental pollution occur in the world.

By the pollution of the environment, particularly climate change, desertification, biodiversity loss, deforestation, destruction of the ozone layer, acid rain, air, water and soil pollution, hazardous wastes, sea, and ocean pollution endangers the sustainability of global environmental problems such as political boundaries, knowing the environment of the people; Safety, health and productivity, and food security and water resources constitute a serious threat on the survival of other species.

In order to find the most correct solution to the environmental pollution problem, it is necessary to understand the problem as a whole. The environment encompasses everything that exists with us. It also covers substances that are inanimate and living in nature together. All efforts to prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution should be carried out continuously and in a healthy way. Our world is not the same in terms of health due to various environmental problems that have occurred recently. That is why our goal for our world should be to beautify and protect our environment. If it is necessary to classify the problem of environmental pollution, then; light pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution are the ones that we can specify. In particular, air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution are among the problems that literally threaten our lives. The reason is that we cannot live without air and water.

Also, if the soil is not clean, we cannot get the product from the products we produce in the desired way and feed it. The most important cause of environmental pollution is its consumption. Human beings consume nature. As a result of controlled and conscious consumption, a decrease in environmental pollution will be observed. In order to ensure this situation, urban transformation must be provided by the state.

Here are what we need to do to prevent environmental pollution on an individual basis: Industrial waste should not be thrown into nature. Garbage should not be thrown around randomly, and this garbage should be converted and evaluated in some way. The number of vehicles used should be reduced and the use of public transport should increase. Water areas should be literally cleaned and protected. All wasteful actions should be avoided. Food, water, industrial products and paper should be consumed in a controlled manner. It is necessary to use edible energy sources. Population growth should be controlled. The surrounding reforestation and green areas need to be replicated. Hunting of animals should be controlled to preserve the diversity of species.

If these things are taken care of, we can live a better life in a nicer world. We must stop the war with nature and let nature win.

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