“We are fighting with nature, if we win we lose.” The clock is ticking. Our time is running out. Every day we see nature losing its power while we selfishly sit back and continue to destroy it with every move we make. Us humans don’t want to face the brutal truth that we can’t continue to live like this, and we shall do something now. We need to move to save mother earth.

I don’t get it. I mean how can someone be so cruel to the thing which created them? Let’s go back to the time when you were born. You are fed by nature’s gifts. When you start to grow. You have fun while you are a kid while climbing a tree that you and your grandfather had planted. You are a teenager now. You meet up with your friends in your garden and have a picnic around. Laughs smiles… Then you become an early adult. You go on a trip with your family. You explore all around the world which was made by the nature. You eat from nature, you live in nature, you see from nature, you learn from nature… You pretty much live thanks to nature. Do you know how this story goes after we win this foolish fight that we had with nature? You are born, again, but this time you are fed with unhealthy food all full of chemicals. You can’t even grow up in a healthy way. You are playing with your tablet at the shopping mall which was opened because of the craziness that people have with consumption. You don’t even know the type of plant you see outside because you see none. You become a teenager and you are separated totally from nature. you are sitting in your room talking online. You are talking to people you have never seen in an online universe where you visit places around the world virtually and go hiking in nature, actually in your living room. You are an early adult now and instead of enjoying nature, you are visiting buildings that don’t have any meaning to your family.

See how nature can change your life. Which one do you think sounds better: living a healthy, happy life while exploring tons of incredible natural gifts or living a life which was destroyed by the selfishness of humankind? Once again: “We are fighting with nature, if we win we lose.”

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