Light, artistic, blue angel wings on a black background. Angel wings.


Once upon a time there was a huge kingdom which was so far away. There was an elf living in peace in this kingdom. He was called Olwen. But he had no friends because he was different. There were no elf living in this kingdom except his mother and father. He used to help others every time, while he was helping he was also hoping to find a friend for his own. In another regular day, an old man came across to him and said ‘hey there young man,could you please help me to carry these bags?’ Olwen walked up to him and carried the bags.The old man smiled ‘I think I’ve got enough proof’ he took out a ting bag from his pocket and took out huge things! Olwen was shocked.The old man gave him a box and he mumbled ‘this magical box will give you advices, when you need to.You just have to ask. But if you don’t listen to the advices that box has already given to you it’ll be broken.’ Olwen was shocked that he was going to pass out. The old man asked ‘what do you want from me?’. The answer was simple, Olwen always wanted a friend. He replied ‘a friend’. The old man dissapeared. Two days later Olwen’s mother waked him up with a cheerful face, there was a new girl in the town and she was an elf. Olwen jumped out of the bed and ran to the town. Olwen and Reluna(new girl) met.They didn’t even realised they were getting close to each other every day. Reluna’s one of the biggest dream was to have huge wings. Once she got back to the town from forest,she told that there was a witch near kingdom and could give her the wings  that she has wanted from childhood. Olwen was not sure about this idea. He asked the box if she should or not.The answer was a big no.Olwen told her that she shouldn’t go to the witches house. ‘You were always jealous of me anyway,it doesn’t matter what you say. I’ll go.’ Next day, Reluna was gone. Olwen asked the box if he should go behind her. The box said no. He thought she was safe. The days passed by.Reluna didn’t show up. Olwen was sick of it and went to look or his friend. He took his box and went to the forest. Once there was two roads so he was confused. He took out the box but it was broken. He asked a monkey about Reluna and monkey replied ‘I’ll tell you but you need to go to the mushroom forest and take care of my mother but don’t forget you can never get out of there. Olwen was hopeless,he accepted the offer and go back to the road. He found Reluna in a cage, she had wings but in a cage, they were useless. Olwen took her out and they fly back to the kindom. If he had known this was going to happen to, he would never have picked that phone up.It was the monkey. He remembered the promise that he gave the monkey. Reluna and Olwen started crying and Olwen went to the forest. Legend says Reluna is still waiting for Olwen to come and play again, just like they used to…

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