Wish Less, Try More

When you have everything you ever wanted in your life, what is there left to wish?

Nobody would choose to be poor over being rich obviously. But have you ever really thought of the disadvantages of being rich. I don’t think so because nearly everybody in the world thinks that rich people have perfect lives. That’s not true. I’m not saying that being poor has so many more advantages than being rich or ı’m not telling poor people to have perfect lives. Of course, everybody has problems in their lives. But how does money affect these problems?

If you are poor, you fight for many things in life. Money, success, a family, a home, a job, etc. But not every poor people can have those things. Sometimes life doesn’t give us opportunities. These people sometimes do some bad things to have a better life. Not having money and being poor can be dangerous but at the same time, having so much money and being extremely rich can be dangerous too. Rich people are used to owning the things they want and like. They usually buy whatever they want to buy or go wherever they want to go, eat whatever they want to eat. This situation might seem good but believe me, it’s not. This lifestyle makes rich people greedy. They start to want more. They can’t get enough of the things so they never are happy. When you always chase for more in life, you can’t succeed. The problem is that most extremely rich people don’t know to be happy with little things.

Life is not a fairytale. Our society has so many differences and every person has their own life. If you want to be happy and succeed in your life, you should know how to live with the thing in your hand. You can try to have a better life, work for it. But you shouldn’t wish for something that you already have.


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