Wishes for suprising year

Soon, we will enter the year 2022. In recent years, bad events have occurred in our country;covid19 along with this, quarantines and unemployment,frost fires,another varients of covid19.Everyone wants 2022 to go well.Happiness,success,good news,peace,so am I,In March 2020 covid19 occurs on our country.The government,took schools 3 weeks off and then closed the country due to the high number of cases,then there are another varients come out delta and omicron.Still we use masks,I hate these masks but we should wear masks so as not to get covid.Whatever,after all these bad years, everyone wants there to be better years.I want some things too these are my wishes to 2022;

To be succesful,I always want to be best version of myself  because of that I always want to be good at my hobbies in my classes.I want to be good at everything I love.In 8th grade I worked hard in the eighth grade because of exam preparation and I got paid for it,now I’m going to a good school now, but I wasn’t always so hardworking.Between 4 and 7th grade i never wanted to study,I hate some lessons,I got bored in lessons.Right now I love all of the lessons,listen to the lessons and understand them and I learn things I don’t know, that’s a great thing.In business  you need to be more effective.

Make the world better, in recent years, the hunger rate has increased, the balance of the world has been disoriented due to global warming, the world’s waters have decreased, natural areas are disappearing, people are doing bad things, animals are being harmed.I don’t want these things we can change this situation,we can share our meal,help the enviorment and other creatures,we can pollute less we can save this World.

Some innovations,new things are good for people.New haircut,new place,new people,new hobbies these things make people enjoy in life.New year means a new life, a new chance.I want that second chance, getting to know new people,getting new hobbies.

So,these are my wishes for new year.I hope that 2022 will not be as bad as 2021,of course, 2021 didn’t go badly, but I want 2022 to be better than this year,I want more healty,more happy,more enjoyable.What are your wishes for the new year?

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