Witaj Oficerze

My name is Ludwik Wiatrowski. I am a man with a simple life. My motto is “born to die” so I became a police officer  in order to serve my beautiful country and make it a great place to live. The main reason why I became an officer was that I believe death is actually not that scary and also being in action will be fun. That was what I thought at first but when my age hit my 30s I realized I can’t find myself a proper action so I decided to quit my job so that I can have a little more adrenaline. And I became a private detective in order to fight crime. That idea seems great but when I took the Sir Wiktor Broz case I realized that being an individual officer is a thing that you can’t secure your safety. 

Krakow,Longsteel Street,Blackboar buildings,No:7 This is where my new office is. 24 December 12 30 AM Sir Wiktor Broz came with a case which was denied by KPD(Krakow Police Department). He said that his brother had been lost for 3 days and  before he went missing he had been seen with a mysterious woman. At first I thought this would be fun but I didn’t know what would happen.

So I started investigating the women. As what sir Wiktor Broz mentioned, our woman is a young lady with a round face and deep blue eyes with ginger hair. While investigation process I saw the girl that sir Wiktor Broz mentioned so I follow her till the out side of city. After she leave the city I thought I find the boy and continue with following till they park near the parking lot of an old building outside of the city in a fot-rgetten lace so that I started to get scared first even though that to live I need to earn money so I go through it. By the time passed I heard strange voices from building which make me wonder about what actually happening. So  that I finally pick up my coruage and go in building. After a bit walking sesion I finaly found out where they mey be in building so I go for door and I saw an empty room. But then I realized that the color of room was red and this red wasn’t some sort of painting this red was blood.

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