With Great Power Comes Great Danger

Nowadays, nuclear plants are prefered source of energy because of being nature-friendly (?) , cheap and efficient compared to other common energy sources. Most of the countries that developed and still developing are started to build nuclear plants or already began to use nuclear energy. It sounds impressive, right? Actually, nuclear power is not perfect like every energy sources. It has advantages like being cheaper or efficient, but there are so much issues behind the scene.


Firstly, it is not that natural-friendly that it seems. It produces nuclear waste which cannot be destroyed and harms enviroment when it mixed with soil. Most of the companies tries to ”dissappear” their nuclear waste by dumping them into ocean or burying them. Because of that ”dissappearing” proccess, nuclear waste mixes with water and soil, and then it harms the plants’ and the animals’ genes. Lots of animals dies painfully because of that. The foods that we get from nature, plants like potatoes or animal products like milk, becomes contacted with radioactivity. When we eat them, the amount of radioactivity in our body increases and also the risk of being cancer is increases. It does not seems so innocent, is it?

Another problem of nuclear energy is risk of the catastrophic accidents that will effect large areas. These nuclear plants includes so much energy in it and this energy can erase a whole city from history if an accident occures. For example, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, took thousands of people’s lifes. It seperated hundreds of families, it destroyed thousands of houses and made so much people homeless but most important thing is, the memories and the moments of the city is gone forever. There is no way to go back to these days. There is nothing anymore, there is no Chrenobyl anymore. If we don’t want to witness a situation like this ever again, we must be aware about nuclear power.

To summarize, even though it has some advantages like being cheap and efficient, nuclear energy is extremely dangerous and harmful for nature if the natural waste don’t preserve at a good enviroment. Governments needs to think more wisely and they must be prepared for the worst.

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