With overwhelming love, your parents.

My dear child, hello, it’s your mom.

How have you’ve been? Are you okay? We hope you are the happiest you’ve ever been.

How do we look like right now are we really that old?

We wanted to give you a special birthday gift. We know it will be a very important point in your life since you will be eighteen once. I guess it would feel so nostalgic when it’s the time but it’s the trend these days.

So, tell me a bit about yourself! What are your pronouns? What name do you go by? What colour are your eyes? Do you look like me or your mom more? What do you like doing? Do we get along? We hope we like similar things! We hope you didn’t feel like we hated you when you were a teenager. We want you to know a couple things so we’re beginning.

I and your mom will do everything we can to give you a happy family. We will shower you with positive feelings and give you space to be comfortable.

I hope we raised you well and with lots of love. If the universe doesn’t want to punish me in the cruellest way I’ve got your mom with me now. She is my world and she will be. And we will do our best to teach you how to love others like how we love each other.

You can be sure we got your back. We will not pull you down or stop you from moving further. Our duty is to help you get up when you’ve fallen and heal you up to make you continue. Sometimes to push you when you think that was the end.

We are no experts in life ourselves but We think that some of our experiences can help you. It is hard to live as how easy it is too. We want you to talk with us. We will not push you too hard because We know how bad that would feel and how much it can hurt you even though some may see it as a part of “parenting”. You can tell me whatever you like to. We will not get angry if there’s not something to get angry about. It sucks but sometimes we have to educate you for you not to do the same mistake again. And we promise to say sorry if it is our fault as we both know how horrible it feels having to be the one that has to say sorry all the time.

We hope we can have long cosy conversations. We hope we can go shopping together. We hope you can see us as your best friends. We hope we can make and listen to music together. We hope you’re in love with reading. We hope you genuinely love art. We hope you don’t break anyone’s heart. We hope you are the best person you’ve ever seen. But don’t forget you are you. You don’t have to change for people to like you.

We will give you everything you need and more if we are able to. We don’t want you to feel incomplete. We don’t want you to feel even a bit sad.

You don’t have to be the class prodigy or something. Just try your best. We will be satisfied with what you are satisfied with. You are not our property and don’t forget you are living for you too. We don’t want to be a burden to you, in fact, it’s the opposite. We want to be a sturdy wall that you can lean on whenever you’re tired along the way.

Don’t ever harm yourself for the reason of not liking yourself. If you want to try something new come to us we’ll discuss it together. Look after yourself and don’t ever let somebody else make you sad. And don’t forget it’s at your hands to be happy whatever the situation you’re in.

Well, we’re coming to an end here.

Love, read, travel, make and listen to music and be so happy.

With overwhelming love, your parents.

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