Without the Bars of the Past

Nation is a product which is built on the shattered pieces of history to be collected around the values of today.A nation would be missing without its history.Even though today is rooted in the steps of the past,imitating every step of the past would get a nation only to an inch forward while the whole world is developing and going forward.However,some people seem to deny it by trying to stop the construction of a dam for an archaeological area with the hope of shedding some light on their past which will leave their future in the dark.So should we let the unearthed past to undermine our position by devouring the essential attention for today’s needs?

Even though authorities throw light on the importance of the energy for a country,some people still insist on history being the most substantial value of the twenty-first century by trying to make people bury the memory of undeniable which is the energy shortage across the all country.Not only do they make this bright shoot nothing different from a razed building ruined long before it was constructed but also they are also being an impediment by getting us to come up against a brick wall which will turn into tears shed by younger generations in the future.If we dig deeper into the argument,it becomes impossible to deny that constructing these dams is nothing but inevitable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

On the other hand,people who are on the other side of the fence claim that the dam will provide the sufficient energy for the country and will set an example for other countries to use clean energy instead of fuel oils by showing the clean energy’s efficiency.When all the facts come to light,they illuminate that it will pave the way for a brighter future as people do not accept the suggestion of their past being more important than their future,which turns all fabrication about contributions of maintenance of historic areas for future to be completely groundless.

In conclusion,people of today is more valuable than buried memories on a land as the tomorrow is only shaped by the wise choices of today.Trying to seize your future under the ground is nothing but a pursuit of a demolished argument.So should we allow these people hidden behind the values of their history to plough their own furrow or should we take action for a brighter future before we see the clouds on the horizon?



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