Stop violence against women. Hand saying stop


“As a woman; I have no country.” Virginia Woolf…

In those times we can understand that being a woman was quite difficult because in the past times society thinks like women are only important for next generations. Also, women excluded from lots of thinks especially from political topics and women were not able to raise their voice. In 1900s-1800s women couldn’t express their imagination and creativity. Since they couldn’t express their thoughts, they need to marry with a man even though they didn’t want to, and they were forced to give birth to a child. And the most important thing in 1900s-1800s is the women rape and women killers according to UNICEF datum. Not only women unfortunately, but girls are also treated badly and living in the bad life conditions. They were buried alive when they were born and were raped by people older than themselves. So, we are living in very good conditions today, but there are still a lot of women and girls being harmed outside, we can contact various organizations to prevent this and help them. So, what do you think about this issue?

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