Women in Their Own Feet

Family structures have been derived and renewed throughout history. It varies from region to region, from time to time and from understanding to understanding.

Men earning money in a family and women doing housework and raising children has adopted a society that has survived to the present day, although it was more intense in the past. The man, the father, must earn money to support his family and provide them with food, clothing and shelter. The woman, the mother, cooks food from the food taken, washes the clothes and keeps the house clean and tidy. She also takes care of the children and raises them.

Although women who do not have any economic or moral freedom have some problems, they cannot easily solve them. For example, a woman who is subjected to violence cannot imagine how she could live alone or with her children. Or she can’t see the possibilities of making her dreams come true. Sometimes people around them prevent them from doing this, and sometimes they avoid even expressing their thoughts. As a result, women become dependent on their husbands and people who only clean and serve throughout their lives.

The gradual spread of equality with modernization over time changes this course. Now, women are also seen as skilled beings and the right to education is offered. Instead of women who no longer have the right to speak and cannot do what they want, there are women who think they want to achieve and work for them. They can study in the field they want and show orientation in that field and earn their own money in this way. Thus, women achieve their economic independence and freedom.

They visit the places they want, eat the food they want, spend time with who they want, and think and implement what they want. In other words, women do not need men, just as a fish does not need a bicycle to eat, sleep, shortly to live.

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