Women’s Power and Their Difficulty’s

For many years the people are not treated equally, especially the female community. This situation has continued for thousand years and unfortunately we can’t change anything about it. As a women  and as a human being this aim have to stop immediately. Let’s remember famous author Virginia Woolf’s words has mentioned one of her books ‘As a women i do not have a country.’ When we look at that time and this lines we can clearly say that being a female person at that part not as easy as now. Woman’s that defend their justice called feminists. With feminism women’s are became more strong and it makes them more self-confident.

Virginia Woolf was  born in 1882 and she can’t go to school and get educated because of the conditions of that time. She want it to be an contributor like her dad. Virginia was lucky because of her father, Leslie Stephen. Sir Stephen was an eminent literary figure so he can give education for his child. Virginia was lucky because of his dad, she get an really good education by her father but that’s not enough. She became an writer  but it was really hard. The time was really bad and it was so rough for a womandi to even do her job. Females were tortured in all sorts of ways, they are being bullied and specifically the male community was all ways despised the woman’s. They can’t find an peaceful life because  circumstances had seen them too much for them. They’re life is all about being slave for other people. They were literally surviving, it’s forbidden to complain, talk without a permission etc. Most of the women’ were not able to even read. ‘ As a woman i do not have a country’ yes they don’t have a country they don’t have a place to live, they don’t have life..

I can’t imagine being a women at that time. Thing about it you don’t have a life they treat you like an slave. You can’t have a job, because you already have a job; washing the dishes, serve people and that’s it. That’s so impressive to see that Virginia Woolf can do something that takes attention in that time. Is that fair. Male or female it doesn’t matter they should be equal in every each situation even in word female there is an male word. The women community that defender of the right, who don’t see themselves as a slaves, contrary to society’s view they called them feminist. Feminism actively demonstrates that the belief in social, economic, and political  equality of the sexes. Virginia Woolf was an feminist too. The selfless women has respected by society. They gave so many nicknames to feminism but they can’t broke their confidence. One of the most glorious and famous literary novel Pride & Prejudice there was a women named Elizabeth Bennet. In story Elizabeth Bennet has no power and no money but she was selfless she can’t tolerate if someone look down on her or she’s family. Sir Darcy has respected and fell in love with her due to the fact that he really impressed about her treatments. 

Females have been rejected by so many associations they have so many counter difficulties. They were really strong but they don’t know the power that living in their hearts. Women’s can do whatever they want they must be equal in every each situation 1800 to 2000’s so many things changed women’s are strong and independent. We must raise our sounds and do not tolerate anything that makes us feel bad. We must turn ‘ As a women i do not have a country’ to ‘ As a women i an defend my own rights in my country’.



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