Work As Hard As Your Mind

To begin with, let’s mention briefly what success is. The dictionary meaning of success: The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This definition may differ from person to person. For example: According to a writer, it is to produce good work, or to a policeman, it is to fulfill his duty properly. Even though it differs from person to person, basically they all go in the same direction.

As for the ways to achieve success, achieving success may vary from person to person, but there is something everyone has to do, which is to work. Maybe working will not lead you to success, but you will know that you did your best and maybe you will achieve success another time. Another belief that will lead us to success is “intelligence”. Most people look at how smart a person is or not, not at work. In the general mindset, it is thought that only intelligent people achieve success. People who believe that only intelligence will bring success often fall into this mindset because they are lazy or want to avoid fulfilling their responsibilities. People who only rely on intelligence will eventually fail because you don’t just use something you were born with (intelligence) to achieve something, otherwise, success would be about luck. The smarter you were when you were born, the more successful you would be. There are things that are and aren’t just with intelligence. Maybe you can pass most of the classes without studying, thanks to your intelligence, but most things in life are not like classes, you just can’t achieve anything in life with your intelligence.

In addition to this idea, it has also been proven that intelligence is a necessary thing for success, but the required level of intelligence is found in every average person. Gifted people only shorten the time it takes to achieve success. In other words, the time they work is less than other people. The best way to achieve success is to work to the limit of your intelligence. Because no matter how hard you work, if you are below a certain level of intelligence, in the end, you will not be able to get efficiency from that work. If you know the limits and time to work, your success will always be greater.

As a result, although we do not have a definite answer when it comes to whether intelligence or hard work is more important for success, we can accept the term “working as much as our intelligence” as an answer.

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