Work Harder Achieve Easier

         Working harder or being smart is a good debate topic. Actually everybody is gonna say they are directly proportional or smart people can look at lots of perspectives but hardworking people just look from one way.

         In my opinion working hard brings success because ıf you are a 200 ıq person but you are not working, it’s impossible to achieve something. Let me give example from my own life;I am interested in fitness and basketball. I can say that from this two sport working harder brings success because for example in fitness ıf you work harder every day and eat more you can get your dream body or basketball think 2 two person one of them is very talented but the other one is less talented but working harder as Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant said ‘ Talent is about %5 about success the other %95 part is hard work.’ Another example from life think two person one of them has math intelligence and the other one has math intelligence and work harder. Obviously we can say that whoever works harder is going to be more successful.

         In conclusion, working harder is the requirement for success. Sports, business, lessons everywhere you should work harder if you want to be successful. 

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