Working from Home

            With the help of the technological developments, it is obvious that there are lots of differences in every aspects of life. As a result of these developments, people can work from their office or their home. Some people love the idea of working from home. However, some people think this idea is not logical. So let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of this idea.
         First of all, it is obvious that the thought of being able to wake up whenever you want is the best part of working from home. You can get up quite early and finish your duties then try to do something for yourself or complete your works at night with a cup of coffee after do whatever you want in the morning.

On the other hand you do not have to wear uncomfortable clothes everyday or you do not have to plan what  you  should wear. Also you do not need to put on makeup  or  make your hair.

Furthermore you are away from hustle and bustle of the city. You are not encircled by cars’ horn sounds or people who always have unhappy faces and make your motivation decrease.

All these thoughts may make the idea of working from home appealing but it also has disadvantages.

Firstly it may make you an unsocial person because you are on your own and there is no human interaction throughout the day also your communication skills can become weak.

Moreover if you exaggerate this comfortable way and start to ignore your works you may become an unemployed person.

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