Working Hours

Since the beginning of time, people always had something to do. In older times, people were not much developed, they worked for their lives, they made suitable places to live in caves, to stay alive, they got out hunting. Thus, those who worked harder lived and they continued their inheritance. It was like natural selection back then, who worked harder and didn’t procrastinate their work lived. So, throughout our time in the world, we made it.

But right now, in the modern world, we work for our money. I know that this is also working for our lives but we have so much more to do right now. In the modern world, who work harder make more money and when we look at it country-wise, Japan is the most hard-working country in the world. In Japan, 25 percent of workers work 80 hours a week. The 12 percent slice exceeds 100 hours. This may seem like crazy and it kind of is there is one more thing about this situation that Japanese people like to work. It’s not that government or somebody else threaten them to work more hours, they just like to work.

There are some other kinds of nations that work much less than Japanese average. One of them is Finland and Finnish Prime states that the daily working hours are less than 8 hours in his country. From what I said earlier, you may think that Finnish people are not hardworking and they just hate to work. However, this not true either. Maybe Finnish people are working less than Japanese people but this doesn’t mean that they are not efficient. In Finland, everything works perfectly so efficiency is not about the work hours.

With this, there comes another question ’’Should working hours be standard in the world?’’ For this question, there are so many opinions but I think that there should be a limit for working hours in world. I think people shouldn’t work more than 10 hours a day which is also a lot of hours for work. If they like to work more than 10 hours, of course, they can but the legal limit should be 10 hours.

If I was to wrap up, people always had jobs to do since the beginning of time and people are still working. Some are working for so many hours, some are working for much less than other people. However, whatever it is, there should be a limit for working. I think that 12 hours of work in 1 day is too much.

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