World War I


Think about a war that is one of the biggest wars in the entire World. It is so big that it has caused the World War II. As we all know, since the Conquest of the Istanbul, the Europeans searched ways to improve itself and they started the geographical discoveries. With the geographical discoveries, Europens discovered continents and they started the problem that will start the World War I, the colonialism. With the colonialism, the Europen countries started to colonise the places they discovered and theWW1: Why Did Britain Join The First World War?y took their natural resources from the people who lived there. Also, in that times, the Industrial Revolution came up and they started to colonise more and more and they needed markets to sell their products so again they colonised. After a long time, you could easily understand that the Britain had the most colonies and the country had spread all around the World. Germany was not ok with that so Germany started to become jealous of Britain. With the Austrian-Hungarian’s archduke’s assasination, the things started to get complicated and a war started between the Austria-Hungary and the Serbia. After that, the sides started to form. There were two sides, the Allies and the Central Powers. In the Allies side, there were Britain, France, Russia, Italy, U.S and lots more. But in the Central Powers, there were Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. First of all, Germany’s plan was to conquer France while Russia was preparing and then attack to Russia with all of it’s forces. But, this plan did not work out. France had an amazing defence line with the borders of Germany so Germany declared war to the Belgium to attack France. Then Britain saw that Germany was attacking to an innocent country so Britain joined the war. Because of this, Germany’s fear happened: Britain joined to the Allies. While this, Russia had already prepared their army for war. In that time, Italy was going to join the Central Powers but the Allies offered more land to Italy to take. So Italy accepted it and they joined the Allies. Germany understood that they need more countries in their side so they looked at the Middle East and asked Ottoman Empire to join the war. Ottoman Empire didn’t have their power like before and the empire was divided into two parts: The ones who wanted to join war and the ones who didn’t want to join the war. Before they decided it, an unexpected attack happened. Ottoman navy attacked to the Crimea which is a part of Russia so they joined the war. Britain was happy to Ottoman Empire joins to the Central Powers because Ottoman Empire had so much oil resources and Britain wanted it. Ottoman Empire tried to attack Russia but they couldn’t stand because of the cold weather. On the other hand, Arabs betrayed the Ottomans and fought against the Ottoman Empire with the help of Britain. The only battle that Ottoman Empire won was the battle of Çanakkale. Germany had one more option. It seemed like U.S would join the war in a couple years because all this time, they were selling supplies to the Allies so Germany sent a letter to Mexico for telling them to attack U.S. But in the Pacific Ocean, Britain had taken the letter and showed it to the U.S. So U.S. joined to theWorld War I, Part I | Nevada Public Radio war way sooner than they thought and it was a bad news for the Germany. The Britain and France had defenced the Northern France and Germany’s resources were running out in every attack they made so it was time to attack to Germany back to Belgium. This war became miserable to every country so it became a war that the one who is out of resources, would lose the war. So, let me ask your opinion. Which country will lose and get out of the war? The correct answer is Russia. Even Russia was in the Allies, it had a really big civil war with the rebellions. The government fell and a new union formed: The Soviet Union. Because of this, Russia was out of the war. Then U.S. brought soldiers to the Europe and it was the end for the Central Powers. First Bulgaria with the help of Romania , then Ottoman Empire because of the Arabs rebellion and the United Kingdom, Britain, then Austria-Hungary government fell because of U.S. and Italy and in November 1918 with the Versay agreement, German government fell and the World War I ended after 4 years. Versay agreement was brutal to the Germans because firstly, they had to give the Allies so much money that they don’t even have, secondly, they needed to decrease the amount of military they have, thirdly, they had to remove troops from Rhineland which is the area that connects the borders of Germany and France and lastly, they had to give their lands to the other countries. Of course there are lots of more things in the agreement but I wrote the ones which are the most important in the agreement.  After 20 years, this Versay agreement will cause the biggest war in the World, the World War II. In conclusion, the Allies won the war and the Central Powers lost the war. The countries started to wait for the World War II. Very very soon…

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