World’s Biggest Virtual Plan: Metaverse

Have you ever heard that we would live in a virtual place? If you have heard, what do you think about that? And would it be good or bad? I have thoughts about that. Do you want to discuss this? Let’s get started and discuss whether metaverse is a threat that changes the perception of reality or it is truth itself.

Do you know what is the Metaverse? Metaverse is a 3D virtual world focused on social connection. It is defined as more than a social network. You can meet your friends in the Metaverse, you can watch movies with them, you can play games, you can do whatever you want. Metaverse is our second world. Only you have to buy metaverse glasses or something which you can access the Metaverse and connect to the Internet. Then you can enjoy the goodness of the Metaverse.

Now, we all know what metaverse is. That means we can discuss metaverse’s benefits and harms. When the Metaverse was presented, everyone thought that when it would produce. Everyone thought that wasn’t harmful because of threats of perception of reality. Cause when you wear it or try to use it, it feels very real. You get lost in the Metaverse universe. However, there is one more aspect to this issue. And it stands up for it will not affect our lives. Everyone knows that it’s a big plan but it’s not impossible. The world’s biggest companies support and work for this. I think they won’t be swayed. Even though it looks bad and harmful, it’s not. Because we won’t use that whole life or a whole day. It will be used for our entertainment activities.

As you can understand, it’s one of the world’s biggest plans. On the other hand, one of the hardest plans.
That situation makes the Metaverse significant. Here is the question: Will the Crypto Tokens take a place in the Metaverse?

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