Worth Giving More For Art

If you ask me, art is not something that can be called “hobby”. It is one of the most important thing you need to have in your life. Art is not only just a thing that makes you more athletic or does not make you better at drawing or does not make you play an instrument better. Art enables people to interact with their environment in a more sensitive way. It allows you to think freely and to express yourself freely. “The way to make a change in life” if we have to identify. School is something that prepares us to take a more active roles for our country’s development. And for the development viewpoints are a must. Everybody has a viewpoint. But the important thing is to have a logical viewpoint that would make people go “wow”. And this logical mindset develops with the help of art. But how can we provide art more successfully in the schools of our country. First of all as I said before art is a must. Students should be compelled to be interested in any kind of art. And it also should become the most important thing in schools. So that it would show accurate results. It needs to be shown why we should take it serious. And it should begin at a certain age. So that schools wont be to late to take an action.

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