Why is the main purpose of humanity is to work? Human life is just like a marathon race. Some people have a hard time getting used to it, while others adapt right away. There are many reasons why they adapt quickly to their lives. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that they do not want to live in need of people. That’s why we have to spend most of our lives working. Also, I have no doubt that it is unbearable when started at a young age.

Another important point is that the working hours different in each country. What are the effects of this for the country and for the people? Long working hours make people unhealthy individuals. Insomnia, which is one of them, causes psychological disorders as well as diseases such as immunity and nutrition. It also has an effect on weakening the social circle and friendship ties because it only focuses on work. In addition, long working hours does not necessarily mean that it is the richest country. For example, while Mexico reached the highest number of working hours in 2017, it does not even appear in the top 30 in terms of wealth in the same year. I believe that ideal working hours from each country should be found and standardized. because I think people will be happy by letting everyone have some spare time for themselves by removing the effects of insomnia and other negativities, and by putting an end to overwork or underwork.

As a result, instead of living an unhealthy life and leaving ourselves to die, we can help everyone both physically and psychologically by creating an equal working environment. Also, I don’t think it will affect countries badly, after all, everything is based on creativity. In addition, there is no point in working for many hours if there is group work and knowledge as well as creativity.

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