Yellow Wallpaper and Purple Door

It was eight in the morning when I woke up on the floor. I couldn’t remember what happened last night. My back was sore, I could barely keep my eyes open, my bare feet were cold, and my chapped lips were burning.

I got up and wandered around the living room. It took me a few seconds to realize that I was not home. The room was basically empty except for the one couch in the middle of the room. I could tell that the couch was really expensive for a house like that. The lemon yellow wallpaper was covered in stains, just like the couch. I found my phone on the floor, in the corner of the extremely small room.  I sat on the couch to call my friends but there was no service. I got up to find a door to get out of that place, that was when I sat the red stains I created on the couch. I was bleeding. I searched my whole body with my hand to find out where I was bleeding from. When I touched my lower back, I felt it burning. That just got me more stressed, but I needed to calm down to find a door.

I walked through a narrow but long hall. There was a magenta purple door at the end. It was so disturbing that the colour of the walls and the door didn’t match at all. I just started hitting the door. Just when I was exhausted and giving up, a girl with black hair and grey eyes opened the door. I don’t know if it was because she was really tall, or because I was on the floor but she looked really appalling. She reached out to help me get off the floor. I held her hand and let her lead the way. We got into a car which was just bright as the colour of the wallpaper. I fell asleep, when I opened my eyes we were at a police station. The scar in my back was cleaned but it was still hurting. The girl came next to me when she saw my eyes were open. She asked me if I had any idea about where I was or what has happened. When I told her I didn’t remember anything she started telling me…

I was held hostage for an experiment and drugged so I couldn’t remember anything. The police officer told me that my memory would come back slowly. I saw my mom running to me from across the room with a sandwich in her hand. She was too worried for me. We got home after talking with some detectives. I slept for a long time but then it started coming back to me… My sister was the one who was holding me hostage. My family and I thought she was killed years ago, but apparently, she was not. I told the girl, who had smokey eyes, all of the things I remember. We went back to that house to find my sister laying on the floor with my bracelet in her hands. She was bleeding, we took her to the hospital.

She told the whole story, that she was threatened by some people and she ran away to not to risk us, then I had found her so we went back to her house to talk… She also told that the people threatening her followed and kept us, hostage, there. But it was all okay now, we were finally back as a family and safe.

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