Your Inner Voice

When I feel nefarius always have a conversation between myself and my own inner voice. I was on the other side of my heart when I felt like that. To be honest; I hate swimming the pool of sadness but as I saw when the positive vibes in the dark and deep water I have to dive to take it. That feeling evokes me to become more powerful and lowest level of lone sadness also loneliness. When you felt alone you have to create your own positive vibe and high level of being more joyfull. Just like a one tree found in a small backyard. That tree will have a relationship with air, toil, sun, and water. I wanted to claim that the tree is always creates positive vibes itself even though living in a small backyard. Actually if you can socialize with animals, plants and other gifts of mother nature you can’t feel how the loneliness is. Also you have your own inner voice too sometimes even everytime you can talk with it you have no chance to feel careless. For that matter the negative vibes will stay away from you and your family, friends etc. Sometimes life is a joker and always show the dark side of life but if you kill that joker with your vibration life will flows like a river

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