You’re The Song


Tears ran down her cheeks. Her beautiful face now ruined with red, puffy eyes. Hands trembling as she held the glass of water in her hands. She drank a little, trying to calm herself down with the freshness. Her heart was in a million pieces. The guy she thought was her one true love, the guy she dreamt of marrying one day had left her. Now she was sitting in a coffee shop, crying her eyes out and hoping that she’d wake up from this terrible nightmare.

She felt the pocket watch ticking in her pocket. The one that her father gave her with the words “This watch is for you to cherish. Carry it with you. You’ll find out something special about it. It will make you realize something important…” But the only thing she realized was that it didn’t do anything special. Not yet at least… She was calming down with the sound of music in the background. She looked up to meet with some teal eyes looking back at her. There was a pretty boy with teal eyes and ash blonde hair, playing the guitar. He smiled a little and continued singing. “It started with a whisper, and that was when I kissed her…” Her heart gave a flutter and she looked away. He sure looked enchanting. She felt so simple-looking all of a sudden. She had brown, wavy hair and hazel eyes. The only things different about her were the freckles on her face. She ran her hands through her brown locks as she thought about it. Then she grabbed her bag and left.

She visited the coffee shop every day, after that. She couldn’t get that boy out of her head even if she wanted to. As a solution she went to the shop to watch him play his guitar. They both adored each other from far away. The boy also wanted to see her. For him, her beauty was fascinating. He was struck by that beauty the day she first stepped into the coffee shop. Their feelings were mutual. Just like everyday, she came in the shop and got a cup of coffee. She sat at the same table she did everyday and just listened to the beautiful song he sang. “All the girls look fine, but you’re the only one in my mind” he sang.. It was addressed to her. That was the day. The day he was going to approach her…

As the song was over, he packed his guitar in its case and walked towards her. She was surprised by the sudden action but greeted him. They introduced themselves. They started talking about almost everything. She told him about her ex-boyfriend. She trusted him by instinct. After a while, they started hanging out daily. They talked and walked at the park.

Just like any other day as they were walking, their hands brushed against each other. She felt her cheeks burn as she looked away. But this time he decided to take her hand into his. They intertwined fingers. He stopped walking. She turned to him with a surprised look in her eyes. He was going to do it. He cupped her face with one hand, the other still holding hers… His thumb brushed against the freckles on her cheek. He leaned in, closing the distance between their lips. Just as their lips were about to touch, he stopped. “Did you know that you were the only song playing in my mind since the first time I saw you?” he whispered. She felt his breath against her lips. Her heart started beating faster. She quickly closed the gap between their lips.

At that exact moment, she felt the pocket watch stop ticking. Was this a coincidence? It wasn’t. The watch was supposed to stop at the moment she was the happiest, just for that moment to last longer…

The happy moments in our lives are what makes it worth living so we should cherish those moments and keep them in our pocket watches…

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