1st scene:
One doctor named as Napoleon finds a poison for people’s future and tests if it is working or not
2nd Scene:
One person who was sick will come and doctor will vaccinate this ill person.
3rd Scene:
This vaccinated person mutates and this person becomes a zombie.
4th Scene:
After this mutation this ill person unleashes a new epidemic.
5th Scene:
In China, this epidemic gets faster. One person mutates..
6th Scene:
One person becomes a zombie and this person dies from this situation.
7th Scene:
In china, people get crazy and policemen trying to catch this guilty person.
8th Scene:
This guilty doctor is producing new vaccination.
9th Scene:
Policemen are coming but they will get vaccinated in the guilty doctor’s laboratory.
10th Scene:
After policemen get vaccinated doctor escapes from laboratory and watches the chaos in China’s streets.
11th Scene:
After everyone has become a zombie, this epidemic goes to the World.

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