I have always loved animals. When I was a kid, I would spend recess watching ants carry food to their anthill. I would try helping them by lifting their food because I thought it was too heavy for them. I dreamt of having bunnies and cats, even though I wasn’t allowed to have any pets in the house because my mother didn’t like them as much as I did.
One time in middle school, a snake had got into our classroom. Everyone started running around and screaming like little kids. I cathed that snake and gently let it go out the window. Everyone was so shocked someone had managed to do that, my classmates and my teacher started clapping. I felt so brave and confident. After that moment, I tried to put more attention on helping more animals and taking good care of them whenever I could.
I grew up, but that part of me never changed. So did my mom’s unliking of pets. Now, I will tell you a story that changed my life because of my soft spot for animals.
It was a rainy and cold day. My classes had just finished. I was walking home through my usual path when it rained so that I could see the snails. I picked up one and put it in my hand. It started to wiggle around and show its head when a force pocked my back. To my surprise, there was a white, big, fluffy dog staring at me with its wide, sparkling eyes. İts fur was so white that I wondered how it didn’t get dirty in this hell of a rainstorm. When I pet the dog, the texture of its fur felt like laying in a bed of cotton and clouds. İts ears were narrow and sharp like a wolf’s. İt had a single brown spot on one of İts paw.
İt looked like a house dog that might have escaped, so I gave it some dry food that I always keep in my bag. After some time, I decided to continue walking back home. But a few seconds later, the fluffy dog started following me. I thought it would eventually leave when it realized that there was no more food left, but İt followed me until I reached home. When I came to the doorsteps, it looked at me with its wide, sparkly eyes again like it was trying to tell me to take her with me. I couldn’t leave the fluffy dog out in the rain like that. So, I decided to take the dog into my room from the window of our house. Because it had rained that day, the dog’s paws got dirty so, my hands and the window frame got covered in mud. When I finally got the fluffy dog inside my room. I ran to the door and went inside. My mom got a little suspicious of me when I asked where the mopper was. I told her that I just wanted to study in a cleanroom.
I mopped the floors and wiped down the window frame, got into the shower. I dressed up quickly and went to my room. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the door. The fluffy dog wasn’t fluffy anymore because it had given birth to 6 puppies! I closed the door and searched for a plastic basin, and put the puppies into the plastic basin. My dad came home, and we had dinner. My dad had always known that I loved animals. We would go on walks to see snails with him. That’s where I got my habit. After we had dinner, while my dad and I cleaned up the table, my mom went into my room to get the extra dishes I had left. And I heard her scream. My dad rushed to see if my mom was okay. At that moment, I knew they were going to get so mad at me. My dad said, ”I understand your passion, but you have gone so far this time, Çağla.”

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