Rollerdeki cinsiyet ayrımı

A Sexless Society

Sex refers to a process that begins with the birth of individuals, it is the state of individuals being born with masculine or feminine sexual organs. Gender, on the other hand, is the roles assigned to the biological category in which individuals are born. It is the behavior that the society and the culture in which one lives, except the person depending on the biological sex. How these roles are perceived by society is equally important, the form of this perception leads to discrimination and inequality among individuals, especially in patriarchal societies. In addition, individuals’ gender definitions constitute their gender identity. But are these gender roles causing imbalance or establishing order in society?

These gender roles appear in many places in life. For example, education, business life, daily life, and many others. In education, which is one of the fields, there is the problem of not sending the girl child, which we encounter especially in more traditional families, to our slaves. Even in 2021, there are still 131 million girls in the world who cannot receive an education, and the main source of this problem is the inequality and discrimination caused by gender roles.

According to studies, women who were raised with the expectation of being compassionate, caring, and nurturing tend to work in professions such as teaching and nursing much more than men. However, the rise of women who face many obstacles in business life is prevented. Stereotyped perceptions and judgments such as sentimentality and motherhood make it difficult for women to occupy managerial positions, and women are paid less than their male counterparts for the same job. In the film industry, we get face to face with gender inequality, for some of the film categories one of the leading roles is male and the other is female. Under normal circumstances, they both have the same status which means they have to be paid the same amount, but one of the events that has recently come to the fore is that the leading male earns more than the female lead, which is one of the inequalities we encounter in business life.

As we all know, crimes against women are increasing instead of decreasing thanks to the new generation who are conscious. According to studies, femicides have tripled in the last 10 years. In other words, do you think we would not have a better and more orderly and established order society if we all educated 131 million girls who could not read in just one year, instead of watching the murders of women where we live?

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