Abandoned Princess

Rieta was a brilliant girl with a passion for books. She grew up in a mansion filled with maids. Some may think that she was born with a silver spoon but the truth was nothing like that. The truth was her father, prince of the country, abandoned her when she was born. She has never seen her father until she was fourteen. When Rieta was six she had a great passion for books thanks to her maid Rose. The stories Rose had read to her was the reason of Rieta’s love for books. Rieta did not have any friends because it was forbidden for her to go outside. Books were her only friends to comfort. That’s why she always believed that narration of a story was magical. Books always seemed magical to her. When she opened that big and dusty book in the attic then Rieta realized that her thoughts were real.

The book she was reading was about a princess too. Min, future princess of the country had a tragic past like her. After her mother’s death, King engaged to another woman. New queen who was Min’s stepmother had a daughter too. Her stepmother was cruel and she would try anything in order to get rid of Min. At first she sent her to the East side of the castle. Min could not do anything because she was just a child. King was on the queen’s side so it was pointless to try. She silently obeyed with the hope of pleasing her father But it was just the beginning. Queen reduced the number of maids who served to Min, it was okay until none of them left. She was left to death. Maids stopped cleaning her room or taking care of her. Her only meal was a small bread and little bit of yoghurt. She lost so much weight due to being malnourished. Rieta felt sorry for her and kept reading. Min had nothing to do so she distracted herself from all that pain with books. She read all kinds of books and increased her knowledge.

When she became fourteen as a part of royal family Min had to make her debut into high society. A banquet was prepared by royal family and that was the first time her father came to see her. A month before the banquet Min has fallen ill. She had a high fever and the fever was not falling down. Physician of the family told king that her magical ability has awakened. This was the turning point of Min’s life. Min recovered in a week and immediately felt the difference within herself. She somehow felt powerful and her father was paying more attention to her. King made her eat all kinds of food. Since she gained weight, her silver hair and purple eyes were making her look so pretty. Her stepmother was furious and it was obvious that she would scheme up something. King was also aware of everything queen had done but this time rather than turning into blind eye he banished the queen. It was an unexpected turn of events. Min did not gain all that attention because of her magical ability, her intelligence and knowledge made her famous among high society. Min grew up and became the queen after his father’s death and she ruled the country in peace.

Rieta was so impressed. All that pain and suffer Min went through did not go in vain. Min was pretty relatable to Rieta and Rieta decided that she would work harder so that she could get what she deserves. Rieta also made her debut when she was fourteen and everything went according to her dreams. Her hardworking paid off and she became the ruler of the country.

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