There are some advantages and disadvantages of high-population in a country. The disadvantages are more than advantages, that’s why we should control the population of the country. Some of the cities in countries have more population, like Istanbul, while others have less population.

The advantages of high population are as follows; higher economic growth and industrialization. High-populated countries would have higher economic growth than the less-populated countries. More people can produce more goods. For example, medicines can be produced more quickly when more people work for it. Besides, industrialization would be faster and I think it is the most important thing for a country. There are many people who are willing to work in factories.

Unemployment, decreasing in income and crime rate increasing are the bad sides of high-population. First, if the countries have low job opportunities, unemployment will increase, which will negatively affect the economy. Then a lot of people can work to get a low salary and there is a problem to live on. Finally, the biggest problem is crime rate increasing. For example, U.S.A is a really big country and it has 331.449.281 citizens and if we look at the crime rates it is at top 10.

To conclude, countries have good and bad sides when they are high-populated.


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