Becoming Beautiful And Handsome

Nowadays, the need and want for cosmetic products has increased. Therefore, many cosmetic products are being issued. Beauty is what everybody desires and people strive hard to be flawless to achieve perfection.

To be beautiful, charming, and sexy; many people are using cosmetic products and with an increasing percentage, of people prefer cosmetic and plastic surgery. The main factors motivating people to undergo surgery are body dissatisfaction, physical appearance and being teased about different body parts. Although these are the main reasons to go under a knife, the most crucial factor that is responsible for undergoing surgery is the media influence and feeling pressured to look like people in media.

With surgeries becoming popular and increasingly accessible nowadays, more and more people are weighing the positive and negative effects of surgery. So, what are the pros and cons of undergoing surgery?

İndividuals who choose to undergo surgery experience a renewed sense of confidence and self-consciousness. Plus, the feeling of being perfect and gorgeous, increases happiness and self-esteem which has a positive impact on mental health. Reduction in pain is another positive effect of surgery. Reduction and relief in pain improve the quality of life. For example, large breasts can cause back pain, headaches, etc… and breast reduction surgery can reveal the pain and boost the quality of life. Surgeries are commonly done to transform or change the shape of the body in order to look more attractive physically and sexually. Girls, Boys, Mens, Woman prefer different surgeries and use different beauty products in order to improve their appearance.

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On the other hand, any surgery has its risks. Plus, the side effects of the surgery can cause injuries and even death. Overdoing surgeries and overuse of beauty products will make the individual look ugly, repulsive and prevent them from performing some bodily functions. Mickey Rourke, Donatella Versace, and many others can be given as an example.

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In conclusion, I am not against surgeries and beauty products since it’s everyone’s right to be beautiful and handsome. However, since surgeries have their own risks, individuals should be considered before surgery and they should do enough at a suitable age and time.



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