“Most of the people believe in intelligency but I do not believe. What differs us from each other is hard working. I believe in hard working. “ said Aziz Sancar, a Turkish scientist who won the Nobel prize in 2015. He prefers hard working to intelligency but is this true?



An intelligent person is someone who is very lucky. When another person has to study several times to learn a lesson, intelligent person can learn just studying once. If it is science, maths, chemistry, physics and etc, intelligent people can learn very easily compared to the other people. If we talk about jobs, intelligency is again important. If you are an intelligent person you can learn your job easier and make it good. But it changes, for example if it is sports, intelligency is also important but not that much. Of course an intelligent person learn easier in sports too but when it comes to play it needs physical skills. A very intelligent person can learn how to play basketball theoricaly but it does not mean that he or she can play good basketball.



But on the other hand, intelligency is not enough if you are not working enough. To be successful, it takes hard working. If you quit working and do not go on, you can not be successful and it does not matter how intelligent you are. For example an intelligent person can learn chemistry easily but if he or she does not work enough, he or she can not learn much more and can not find any new things. If he or she does not work hard enough to learn new things in chemistry, if he or she does not read the new boks in chemistry he or she will not be learning any more and can not be successful. If a normal person who is not intelligent works harder, reads much more books, makes much more experimets, that person can be much more successful then an intelligent chemist who is not hard working. If an intelligent person is not hard working, this person can not be successful and this means that he or she is not using his or her intelligency .



Of course the best one is the one who is both intelligent and hard working. Probably Aziz Sancar is one of these people. But unfortunately most of the people are not very intelligent like him. So to be successful what has to be done is hard working and it is a fact for both for normal people and intelligent people.

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