Changing Consequences Before Results

Crime had been a serious problem for a long time for sure. Governments tried to find a solution for this for over 10 decades but none any factor have been proven to be something that solves crime rates. There are several reasons for this. Crime rate is a really unstable thing because it may occur as a result of lot of thing. Some people may commit crime just because of really small and ridiculous things. Before preventing something we need to know why that thing is happening but at some situations you may even don’t understand the issue at all because its a really silly reason. And criminals are increasing at such speed that in some countries cells are not even enough to hold them all.

There could be several reasons such as increasing the number of cells or making district rules and laws to prevent crime. But not everything goes as easy as people may think. For example increasing the cell number wont help any citizen. I think finding a true resolve for this is the decreasing the crime rate not increasing the cells and letting more people rest in their cell after committing crime. Making district rules to make people scared of committing crime is like a gamble. For example banning self arming to prevent murders from gunshots is pointless. A guy who is willing to kill that one person will kill him no matter what. Preventing self arming will only stop the murderer from killing his target with gun not any other tool. And if the murderer is super dedicated to kill he would find a gun eventually. A murderer wouldn’t be scared of purchasing stuff from black market.

Making new laws may even lead so many protests and it may even get worse. Such as protests made by people who think their freedom is reduced and some people will try to take advantage of it. And if your country is democratic you wont be able to create a new law out of no where. I think stopping the rise in rate of criminals key is the having prestige class therapists and helping citizens with no return in necessary circumnutates. Most crimes happens because of mental illness or social problems. Mental illness may lead people to murder or poverty may lead people to robbery. Some researches show that most common results for a mental illness are early age traumas, getting rejected, lost of a loved one or even getting bullied at early age mostly between middle school and high school.

In addition people are trying to solve crime issues without even realizing why those crimes even happen at the first place. They try to change the result without changing the reason of that case. In order to solve things we should know why those things happen first then act. So preventing a crime is not something like making people scared of the punishment they will have to take if they commit that crime. Because a really determined person wouldn’t mind the punishment. Being a murderer is something like sickness and being a robbery is a requirement for some people in order to survive. When those problems are solved anyone can prevent a crime before it happened.


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