Prisoner in shabby prison cell. Cartoon. Vector illustration.


Crime is an important issue for countries. Of course it should be reduced to minimum degrees. But to do that, we should understand criminals.Criminals are people who are divided by 2 generally. First ones are the people who needs to do crime. Second type of criminals are people who likes to make crime.For the first types of criminals governments have to define people needs and help them.If governments help people to supply their needs, they will not make any more crimes.On the other hand, there are criminals who loves being criminal. They love adrenaline and making crime for fun. For those people, rules must be increased and laws must be certain. Or scientist have to define criminals psychology and find some activities for them. So people who tends to be criminal can do some kind of activity for having their fun of adrenaline. Also government can use this kind of people in some part of the works so they can also make fun of work and gain adrenaline pleasure from work.In conclusion i do not believe that increasing jail can solve criminals. It is like more bread more meatballs. Instead of this, we can focus on problem and try to solve it.

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