Dance With Me

“Do not just listen to the rhythm, feel it.” said the old woman as the little boy nodded. The boy’s name was Dune. He had sparkly honey-colored eyes with dark brown hair, he was pretty, almost as if he were a girl. The boy had a passion for dancing from a young age. He first saw a couple dancing for a contest on TV. He looked fascinated; however, his short but memorable experience was cut short by his father changing the channel. After that day he always found a way to watch contests and dance on his own.

One day as usual he was dancing to his imaginary music. An old lady saw the little boy, he moved so gracefully and coordinated. “He dances really well I wonder who his teacher is?” the old lady thought to herself. “Hey boy!” the little boy stopped dancing and turned to the lady immediately. “You dance really well. What is your teachers name?” the lady asked. The boy moved closer and looked down “I don’t have one.” The lady was really shocked. How could a child without any professional training could dance this well? She though for a minute then started talking “There is a really prestigious dance school nearby, let me talk to your parents and tell them about your talent.” The boy’s eyes widened as he heard the most horrific words ever said. “No! They will not let me. Even worse they will not let me dance any more. They think a boy should not dance.” The lady was angry. Even in this century there were still people who thought art had genders. “Well then boy. Let me teach you myself instead.” The old lady was actually a really famous dancer at her time.  The boy jumped with happiness. “Can we start right away!” the boy shouted. Lady laughed in response and told him that they can start tomorrow.

Dune was 15 and was going to audition to the dance school he always wanted to go to. He was anxious yet sure of himself. Afterall, he trained all those years with the love for dancing in his heart. He was sure his parents would not support him, so he came there by himself.

He saw a crowd forming, with wondering eyes he walked closer to the crowd and decided to ask someone what was going on. “Oh you don’t know? It’s Seth he is just 15 but managed to get praised by one of the most famous dancers also he became famous overnight with a dance cover of his. I’m so sure he is going to get accepted. The moment Dune had realized that his opponents were as talented as him he started to get more anxious. “I should go get a breather.” He thought and left the crowded place.

He heard another pair of feet following him to the balcony, he wasn’t sure who it was, so he didn’t get bothered by it. “May I join you?” a pair of brown eyes was looking directly into his. It was Seth. “Sure.” Said Dune. “I sense that you are nervous. I get it this is also my first time auditioning to such prestigious school.” Seth continued. “But do not worry everyone here might not be as talented as one another but I can sense you are.”

One thing after another… I realized I was at the airport when I came to myself. “You fell asleep so I carried you from the car.” Seth was smiling as he looked at me. That’s right we both were now 24 and was going to our next contest. “You won’t believe what I had just dreamed of Seth…”

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