Gender Equality

Gender equality is defined as all genders being treated the same about their needs, responsibilities, and priorities. While some believe gender equality is a need, some think that they can not be equal.

It is believed by some people that males and females are biologically different so they can’t be treated the same too. Although the genders are built different anatomically and biologically, does this mean that they should be treated differently and should not have the same responsibilities?

The gender inequality is mostly seen as males having more rights than females which I believe is illegitimate. In history, males mostly have been seen as the gender that has more abilities, which is proven to be wrong by some powerful females in past. Since males were thought to be the superior gender, they were given more responsibilities and rights. So females didn’t have the rights nor the facilities to improve and show their abilities. Even at some point, the females that knew how to write and read or that were interested in science were considered being witches and burned. Believe it or not, while these were happening some women had the courage to achieve massive things but were not taken seriously and were mostly punished.

The history of gender inequality is horribly terrifying but; although nowadays women are not mostly being killed because they can achieve things, they are still being ignored while they can cause enormous developments in some professions. Not only being ignored, but females are also getting beaten down by males, mostly because they are not wanted to achieve. Females go through physical and emotional violence their entire life. It can be observed that if there are two coworkers of opposite genders at a company, the male one is most likely to get a promotion. That is mostly because males are considered less emotional and physically stronger, but it is being ignored that strength is an ability that can be improved or replaced by some other abilities. For instance, if a male can lift a rock thanks to his strength but the woman is not strong enough to lift the rock, she can find a way to lift the rock by using less power and different ways.

Gender equality basically explains that all genders are the same, so it also includes believing that males can face some of the things that females do too, such as domestic violence. Some people that support gender equality may be also supporting that clothes and makeup don’t have a gender too or some other beliefs that show all the genders are the same.

Gender equality is a deep subject that can be observed in different parts but it is basically believing that all genders should have the same responsibility, opportunities, and rights. In my opinion, gender equality is necessary for a society to develop.

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