She entered the house with a small hesitation after what she saw in her dream. Walls were covered with flowers she used to collect with her mom. A memory of her and mom sneaked insidiously. Wait, our time is limited, I do not have the luxury to do flashbacks. The blue of the flowers connecting the sea and her sadness together… Believing she would have someone waiting at the end of the corridor.

Step by step assisted by ghosts she finally made it to the living room. No matter how much she tried to escape from the sweet old pain, it was no use. Frames with pictures and dust captured her soul before she could even breathe. At the ceiling, words from ancient fights were hanging loosely. Words that did nothing other than causing discomfort, at least. 

Far away from the room, she began to wander the universe. Some old records playing old songs about old loves… She wondered about the very first human alive. Even though it was just for a second did loneliness feel this much complicated? She would have given everything she had to have a simple meal without a voice in her head. To enjoy the crunch of bread while drinking the goat milk like Heidi. 

She was another creep who thought she is the only genius that figured out the hack of life. That made her a teenager and a politician at the same time. Unique like nobody else is… Because of that, she did not need mom or other people advising her. She is still in her own dreamland. It is high time she came back to reality. She shook her head as saying no and no over and over again. After one blink, she is now in the living room thinking ways to kill that voice in her head, the narrator, me…

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