Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı expressed his longing for his country in this poem. The poet, who spent many years abroad, tried to describe his dream hometown with longing lines. He describes his hometown so beautifully that the mountain, stone, field, sky, bird, insect and human are all happy. There are yellow ears of wheat in the fields, fertile lands, a clear blue sky, birds chirping happily in this country. People love each other, live in peace and brotherhood. They are helping each other. Sibling fights are over in his dream hometown. No one is poor. Everyone lives in abundance. There is not a single person left in the cold on the street in winter. Everyone is living happily in their warm home. In this poem, he has not dreamed of anything negative. He dreamed of a country with the blue of the sky, the green of nature, the adornment of the fields with the yellow of spikes, the people living in fraternity, the absence of the rich-poor distinction, the absence of you-me, equality and justice. No one has any worries. No one is homesick. People are very happy to live in such a country. Nothing bothers them. A single “death” can upset them. Because he has no solution. He says their only concern is death. Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı dealt with the themes of hope and peace in his poem “I Want My Country”. Let’s turn and look at the world we live in. The situation in our country is not encouraging at all. Especially in big cities, air pollution is very high. It is impossible to see the blue sky. The fumes coming out of factory chimneys, the exhaust gas of cars, and the garbage produced by people are polluting nature more and more. Tree massacres are being carried out in this country, our waters are polluted just because someone from the mines will make a lot of money, because of those who want to search for cyanide and gold. Villagers are forced to leave their villages because there is no clean water.The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.There should be no distinction between the rich and the poor in this country, let’s all live on equal terms. Someone is starting fires without thinking about the trees and the animals living in the forest. Because they do not like nature and animals. It is their dream to build houses, hotels and shopping centers in the forested areas they have burned and destroyed. They are stealing our dreams, our future. Our country has fertile lands. It is our duty to protect it. We must protect our farmers and our villagers. We must support them. May all his people have enough money to live in peace and abundance. May everyone live in their warm homes without hunger. No one should worry about where I will stay in the cold winter. Let’s all hug each other and help each other. We want justice in this country. Everyone should obey the law, do not break the rules. Let there be no more wars, let us all live in brotherhood and peace. No child of this country should write other poems with homesickness. He should not have to live far away in the country, abroad. Let’s all be happy to live on this land. Let’s love and protect people, animals and nature. So that we can set a good example for the next generations. Let’s not forget that we have only one homeland, let’s protect it. As the poet said, “There is no cure only for death”. Everything else has a solution. It is our duty to create a beautiful future in unity and solidarity and to protect this homeland. It is our greatest duty to pay our debt to all our martyrs and veterans, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who gifted us to live freely, equally and justly on this land. Beautiful things start with dreaming, then it comes step by step. Come on, take a step towards love, peace, brotherhood, hope and equality! You’ll see, everything will be fine.

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