How Life Portrays Itself

Sometimes we want to reach something so bad that we do everything in our power to have it and sometimes even more. We push ourselves out of our comfort zones and sometimes feel so inadequate that we surrender ourselves to the powerful and tiring waves of the ocean of despair which leads to giving up and quitting. However, for some of us quitting is not even on their minds that they hold on to some psychologically relieving events which might actually help on the way to the top. So, is it nonsense trying to hold onto the journey by believing in “rules” instead of giving up?

There are two types of people around the world: First of all, the ones who tend to act pessimistic towards events just like how Edward A. Murphy addresses as “The probability of something happening is inversely proportional to the probability of wanting it.” According to him, the more you wish and insist on something occuring, the probability that it happens becomes less likely. Kind of like a jinx, meaning you shouldn’t say your aim out loud but keep it private. And second of all, there are the ones who act optimistic saying that the universe gives you the things you desire; you shouldn’t stop thinking about it. This behaviour is explained by Law of Attraction.

For example, according to the Murphy’s Laws, if there is a chance that something might go wrong it will and if there are several situations that might possibly go wrong, it will always be the major and most damaging one of them all. But the Law of Attraction is all about energy and emotions; how you portray yourself and your life towards your environment. On this planet, you don’t chase you attract. Whatever was meant for you will find you. One day or another. These concepts are completely in contrast of each other and invites you into opposite views of understanding life.

We shouldn’t judge people based on how the Universe seems to them and how they expose their emotions and thoughts. Nevertheless, I personally find the Law of Attraction more relieving as in the Laws of Murphy, because it tends to be more optimistic. According to Edward A. Murphy, you have to be secretive in order to get closer into reaching your dream which is something that seems to be true for me but something that I cannot manage to do no matter how hard I try. I believe in jinx but I also love to share my opinions and desires in life.

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