Ideals Remaining in Theory

Our World’s situation is getting worse day by day, this is a fact known by everyone. What do we really do to change this situation contrariwise? That is something controversial.

Every single day from morning till the last minute, all countries discuss the global problems that we have currently. Various international organizations are meeting for possible solutions.

Decisions are made. Action plans are prepared but for some reason, we cannot witness the implementation phase of these plans. Even if we do, we don’t see any signs of success. Of course, there are positive examples we can give but the efficiency of these examples around the World is debatable. What we should be talking about is why these possible solutions could not be executed as desired.

I think the biggest problem out of all is the disagreement between the countries. If a goal is set, for it to be successful all countries should contribute as much as they can. Otherwise, we can only talk about partial improvements. One of the biggest examples I can give to this is global warming, which has been a popular topic in recent times. Although the issue of global warming has been on the agenda for years, the problem is continuing to grow like an avalanche. Put the main problem is same again. A glitch in the implementation process. And when I say this I am not talking about a single country but all of them.

Yes, maybe some countries were doing well with the solutions and there is a little improvement in the situation but it won’t be lasting for too long. But collaborative work is essential for a radical and permanent solution. If necessary new regulations and sanctions should be applied to the public by all countries.

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