Love is Love

The perception of beauty differs for everyone.Some people likes blonde girl some people likes black girls. I give that example for girl because ı'm man.Reason of it is everyone have differt types.
Yes everyone agree about that, everyone have different types but the fact that there is a general perception of beauty.

General perception of beauty is change year by year.This is happening because we are living in technology age. Everything can easily change because of the technology age. One guy send video to tiktok and it become trend
than everyone ideas are change.So the thing ı one say general perception of beauty is change because of the virtual platforms on the internet.
Although beauty is a subjective concept, what is considered beautiful is largely determined by social norms and fashion. For example, while beauty was represented by a full body in the previous periods, 
it was replaced by an athletic and lean body in the 20th century. Although the definition of beauty varies according to cultural perceptions, it has been revealed that men generally find two types of faces very attractive.
Charectericts are differet.According to research, the common features of loved ones are; honesty, competence, talent, intelligence, vitality. Being resourceful and talented makes us perceive that person as more attractive. 
Again, seeing that the person in front of us has human weaknesses increases its attractiveness even more.

So why did you fall in love? Probably, there are some characteristics of the person in front of you. Especially if you are a woman, you can count the appearance of the person you love in the second place.
 So is it really like that? Are women less affected by appearance? According to one study, the answer is no. Women emphasized the importance of external appearance more when they were connected to the polygraph. 
It seems that as a social rule, women avoid admitting the importance of appearance. Studies have shown that the attractiveness score given after looking at a face for 150 milliseconds is very close to the score given after looking at the same face for a long time.
 Since appearance acts as a filter of choice, it is very important at the beginning of a romantic relationship. We are less likely to be romantically involved with someone we find physically unattractive.

So fact is firstly you fall in love with a person for her/him physical appereance. Only one think is good for you don't fall in love:)
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