My Ideal City

Personally, I believe that many cities  in Turkey need a rebuild. There are many reasons for a city to be underdeveloped, one reason is the poverty of the country or the city and another reason might be conflicts. Turkish have been affected by both conflicts and poverty. For example, the Turkish city Diyarbakır has been severely affected by terrorist bombings. My criteria for the city I chose is simply because how underdeveloped it is because it would take more resources to first break then make a city. If the city is already underdeveloped you would have more space for your ideas. My choice for the city that I would improve is Hakkari because it is plagued  with terrorist attacks  and it has a GDP per capita of 12,000 dollars which is one of the lowest in Turkey.

The first problem with the city Hakkari that I would like to change is its security problem. As we know the city has been devastated by terrorists, this problem is a direct threat to the well being of the city. In order to  secure the city I would try to campaign against these attacks and if it does not work I would ask the police to secure the borders of the city. After securing the city I would encourage the people in the urbanized areas to move out to the mountains. I would encourage agricultural production in the city to improve the economy. After improving the economy of the city I would move to improve the educational facilities of the city. The main problem with the education in the city is that many schools don’t have the required technology which is also a problem in many other city’s. My las change about the city would be to open a bran new open area for all the animals in the city. Unlike a zoo the area would be for the well being of the animals instead of the visitors.


That is all of the problems about the city Hakkari that I would fix if I had enough resources and permission. There are many other problems that I would like to fix about the city but these are the most significant in my opinion.

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