Mysterious Address

I had to go to the market for dinner. I had to hurry and make my way to the market with quick 
movements. But instead I was dancing in front of the mirror. My mom told me to be fast. 

  He handed me the list and kicked me out. I put the list in my pocket. I arrived at the market 
about a minute later. I reached into my pocket and found a piece of paper. 
It had an address written on it. I didn't want to call my mother. 
I went to find that address. Thirty minutes later, I found myself in a dilapidated house. 
I was afraid, but I also wanted to go there. This time, I didn't listen to my brain, I listened to
 my inner voice. He was telling me to go. It was still 19.00. But it was very dark there. 
Crows and bats were flying around.I went home at night so as not to be afraid. My mom got a 
little angry with me. 

   After we ate our food, I immediately went to sleep. I woke up to
drink water. Then I saw a huge bat above me, but it was a dream. Or so I thought. Someone was 
banging on my balcony. He looked at me meaninglessly. When he asked if it was his last decision, 
when I saw that he had a bloody cutting tool in his hand, I realized that today was my last day.
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