Again, cold weather, again a deserted street on a miserable weekday morning. I am out of my hot and comfortable home again to sell some of my pictures. I am hopeless, though. My pictures have never received the appreciation they deserve. No one looks at my pictures. I do not understand why they do not look at or like them. I like my pictures and think they are all beautiful. I do not mind; who cares about my pictures! I have my perseverance. Every weekday, I set up my stall and try to sell my pictures with my stubbornness. On crowded sunny days, I can sell at most two of my pictures. And today is a cold, cloudy day on a deserted street, so I do not have any hope… It is around noon. The weather is warming up. Some people are walking in the street. They see me but they ignore me. I show my pictures to the people passing in front of me but when I speak, they walk faster, acting like they did not see me. Some come and look, then they say things like “thank you” or “I can come back later and buy” but never come back to buy any of my pictures.

In the evening, I closed my stall and went home without selling a single picture. Another empty day has ended.

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