Nonsense Lyrics

Music is a kind of art that we hear everywhere in life and reflects the emotion and mental state. Music is also known for its importance both in terms of spiritual and physical health. Not only us, but all living things are affected by sound. It is quite interesting that the sound system in nature and the living things live with each other with this sound order. So what happens if the lyrics are added to this concept of music created by sounds?

The concept of music has always existed since ancient times. In the beginning, people tried to make music with stones, materials they made from wood and the sounds they made from their mouths. In later periods, echo was discovered and people witnessed the power of music and sound through echo. Over time, wind instruments began to be used in addition to percussion instruments, and mankind has now found notes. With the discovery of sheet music, an important era was opened for music and musicianship emerged. People started to read poems on top of their music. In fact, we can say that lyrics has started at this point. In time, anthems emerged with the combination of poems and music. Even country-specific music and local music have emerged over time. After a while, the music with lyrics were taken under the name of “song”. Thus, people with beautiful voices became singers. Music evolved after long periods of time and was divided into many genres. Pop music is the most popular of these. In the past, people with good voices made music with meaningful words. These days, strange lyrics are very popular. This situation, which occurred especially in the rap genre, was also reflected in Pop music. We can call it the mixing of different and independent lyrics and incompatible sentences with music. Recently, this situation is seen in the type we call TRAP. This music, which is generally loved by young people, is also very popular on the internet. This is mostly because meaningless words have a better place in the brain. Therefore, this kind of music is more memorable. If there’s a beat on the back that matches the lyrics, an even more memorable song is created.

From my point of view, meaningless words that do not create an aesthetic feeling in people are not an art, but it is an art to combine many meaningless sentences with music in some way. Of course, I also think that the voice of the singer and the vocals in general are also important. As a result, if the work done can be accurately reflected on people, I think it is an art.

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