One Picture With Eleven Kids and Many Feelings

I wore my favorite dress on that “special” day. İt is a long cloudy white dress and it has beautiful flower patterns on it. Please just for a second, try to imagine that dress. After wearing my pearl pieces of jewelry I’m ready for that charming day!

Firstly, I went to a cafe to drink some coffee. Now I felt more alive and that is what I needed in the first place. Then I went to a flowers shop, select a beautiful bouquet and I asked that old lady to keep it for me. She is so kind I actually know her because I used to buy a bouquet every month for myself, just for giving a gift to myself.

I’m so happy that I just started to jump and dance in the middle of the street and I didn’t care what others are thinking. I just wanted to be myself and be proud to be myself. But my energy was running out so I stopped jumping around however I kept that smile on my face. I knew in advance that there was a newly opened museum and I was prepared to go to it. It is one of the reasons that I had this stupid smile on my face.

I finally managed to reach the museum. My eyes are just searching for a special drawing however I’m more into spending hours looking at beautiful drawings or statues. At last, I found it, with baby steps I reached that painting. I was shocked by what I saw. 10 boys and 1 girl playing football
They all looked so happy and young. By just looking at that painting you can understand that they are energetic, tired, and joyful. All these feelings are in a moment and in a painting. That girl caught my attention. She has brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a big smile on her face. I literally felt their bond with each other. In the description of the picture, it just says; “A memory of what I remember from the good days that I spent with my dearest friends. 2020.” It just had one sentence and the date. I really wanted to be in that painting at the moment. Just to feel that joy and that friendship.

İn the next picture. There was a girl laying down and crying in a large room. I just stood there for like 10 minutes while trying why that little girl is crying.

After 10 minutes I realized that it was the same girl in the first painting but in this painting, she was more mature and sad. İn the description; “Missing my friends, my energy, my child soul… 2022.” And when I look closer at the picture I recognized that face, those friends, those old days.



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