Problems Of The Population

First of all, the population problem is so common in the world. So it’s so normal to discuss how it affects our lives. Also, it’s hard to deal with for some countries.

Overpopulation is one of the biggest problems that some countries have to face whit it because of the uncontrolled birth and governments “not paying attention” behaviors. And this brings lots of problems with it. If I had to give an example I can probably say “unemployment”. The more people mean more unemployed people, the more unemployed people mean more poor people. I think that is a big problem and it is enough for us to understand how dangerous this overpopulation issue is.
Also if we have more population, this means there will be more pollution in our world and this is also an important problem and it’s international, it affects all of us, all the world. In my opinion, there is no way that overpopulation can be helpful for us, it only gives harm.

When we come to the underpopulation issue, yes it is also a problem but not as much as overpopulation. Yes, it is true that some countries have this problem like Korea. It is said that there will not be enough people in Korea in the future as a result of the decrease in the birth rate. People in Korea can’t find time to have children because of the working hours. Actually, it is also necessary to have enough population to work and do your jobs but solving this issue is not as difficult as overpopulation issue in my opinion.

To avoid these population problems the government should deal with this problem. Maybe it can bring new bans on this issue. Like they can limit the number of births per family.

As a result, yes underpopulation is an important problem but not as much as the overpopulation problem. Overpopulation is harder to solve than underpopulation cause if we have more population that we have pollution problems, we will have unemployment problems, we will have poverty problems among people.

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