Road to Freedom

What does freedom mean for you? It is hard to explain, isn’t it? We all live in the same planet, we all see the same thing that they want us to see in the TV. We all like puppets that someone direct us according to their purposes. So that most of us even do not know the meaning of freedom, isn’t it unfair?

Lots of the philosopher have different ideas about to be free. According to Aristo, freedom is about thinking. Although I think that thinking and having your own ideas is the most important thing to free you, I argue that it is not enough alone. However thinking sparks freedom, which is what we want.

Platon, who is the most famous philosopher of all the time, defines that freedom is about learning. Learning and thinking are inseperable. Learning spearheads all of these. If you do not know anything about yourself, society, anything then you do not have anything to think about. Also Platon thinks that first we should understand ourself, soul then the society, world. I agree with him at that point. Because when we know ourself we can be ourself that is to be free according to German philosopher Nietzche.

After being ourself with the helping of learning and thinking, it is time to take action, to fight for our faith. Emma Goldman, who is a feminist anarchist author, says that true freedom requires sacrifise and pain. When you deny the imposition of society, you reject the security that they offer to you. At that point, comes the caurage… You should prove you are alive, get rid off the things you used to own, otherwise they own you.You are not your job, not how much money you have in the bank, not the car you drive. You are the books you read, conservations you made, the ideas you have. As famous author Chuck Palahniuk said that maybe self improvement was not the answer maybe self destruction was the answer. Maybe be we will be free to do anything, after we lost everything.


 For me, we all are drowning in the falsehood. We all are deceived by luxury. We are doing the things, which we do not want, for money. We are the slaves of money, the innocent prisoners of society. We need encouragement, bravery to be free. We should see the bottom of the life. We need to see the worst, the reality. We need to get rid of the traps and see the truth. 

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