Settlement For The Future

As we all know, we have been in this world for millions and billions years but from all the way back in the ancient times, humanity has always thought of space and what was going on in there. But since the technology has evolved, a couple of centuries ago, people started to search about the space and more. Like Galileo has found so much of the Jupiter’s natural satellite with just the help of his telescope, interesting right? Then, even more years later humanity has passed the Earth’s surface and reached the space but like that’s not enough, they even went to our only natural satellite, the Moon. After that, people has started to think about “Could we be able to live on another planet?”. Let me give you this information, there are 8 planets in the Solar System and 4 of them are gas giants but the other 4 of them, actually is made up from land. Also, space related corporations like the “NASA”, they send some robots to the Mars to collect samples for giving us brand-new information about the Mars. There is a reason for that. It is because of having an answer to the question I mentioned about earlier: “Could we be able to live on another planet?”. There is also one more reason to search that and it is the most important one. It is because we have so many problems on Earth. Like as the population grows, the Earth’s natural resources are slowly becoming extinct and if the resources get extinct, there won’t be any organism that will live on the Earth’s surface ever again. But I think that people is missing one, very clear point. They think that they will just go onto a different planet as the technology develops and live there in the future (a couple of centuries later) but why would you left your planet whilst you can save it. Yes, you heard it right, you can save your planet. If everyone success their own responsibilities for the world, then it can be saved. Like the air pollution, you can just use public transportation and BAM! You have done your own responsibility for the environment. There are also corporations that use a lot of fossil fuels and destroy the world but if they start to use the renewable energy like the water or the wind instead of the fossil fuels like the coal by the protests of the people, the Earth will be less polluted. Still you may think that, “There is a lot of things going on and the world won’t handle it.” I think that you are wrong. Even though there are a lot of problems like climate changing, ozone layer, global warming or even maybe the Corona virus that we still have in our lives, if we be together and work for our world, then everything is possible.

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