Strainful Exam

A typical day, like always. We had an exam that was exceedingly dominant. I really had to study the past week, but what did Ida do, of course watch Netflix. Okay, let’s be real, was the show that good? Well, not really but guess it was a more diverting action, when we have “studying” as the only option.  Actually, there was one more thing. I forgot that we had an exam while I was enjoying watching my “Netflix show”. The next day, that was the exam day, luckily, I woke up early. That was the moment that she (me) knew, she messed up. When would you even study for an exam? A month before? A week before? A day, or an HOUR before? Well, this girl right here does the last one. No no, hold on not the day before, the “ONE HOUR TILL THE EXAM” one. A typical person would maybe be like “Uhh I honestly don’t think she’ll make it. We’re talking about 60 minutes, right? That’s a nope for me!”. Well, not one to those out there who are determined about getting full grades, right? Oh my god, it’s actually not that big of a deal to study the last hour, unlike you’ve got a full list of things to memorize.
Okay, eventually our exam time had come. Why was it so easy? But hold on, then why did the smart kid curse as soon as the exam started, likewise the other students in the class? Was there a problem with me? Or was I just simplifying the questions waaay too much in my intellect? Really hope I’m wrong.
Right, now it’s the part where things get out of hand. Why was I the first person to finish, even though the smart kid was still not done with her exam? That’s suspicious, to be honest. Checked my paper again, didn’t see anything wrong UNTIL I saw the last page, to open it up, THE ESSAY PART. Wait, what’s going on with my pulse rate? It literally jumped from 80 to a 100. Is that normal, well if our occasion is realizing the last page just before the exam finishes, seems kinda normal. I don’t think I’m wrong, hope you think the same. I knew from the start that my heart attack was gonna ruin my composition writing skills. So, I tried to keep it as professional as possible up until a student asked the supervisor the time that was left till the finishing of the exam. “Limit: 200 words, cutting off scores for simple grammar mistakes or useless nonsense words”. That seems easy to write, but let’s add some herbs and spices to that which are stress and 8 minutes…
I didn’t even have a few seconds to check my paper when the time had finished, or more particularly my composition. Why do I always feel like this whenever we have an exam? Absolutely no clue.  Nevertheless; something that cheered me up, even though it’s just a little was the after examination. Everyone was discussing how hard and complicated the exam was. No, I actually lied. That really lifted my spirits. No, I’m not a bad person but realizing that I’m not the only one just makes me happy.

Our English teacher, Ms. Harter usually checks our exams in our classroom, as we are just chitchatting with classmates. But this time, for a reason neither my classmates and I don’t know, she decided to check them in the clumsy tumsy teachers room. What even was the reason? Increase my heart rate even more? It’s already up the skyscraper. Plus, when you have a lesson with us, you just be like, “Oh, you’re talking about the exams. Oops! Forgot to check them. Maybe next time, sweetie.”. Okay now that, that really pisses me off. If I were a teacher, I’d check the exam right on the student’s desk. Why wouldn’t you be excited about your students’ scores? Honestly, I don’t really think that that’s a wrong expression. 
Alright, this time she committed that she had checked the papers but she was indignant for a reason that no one really knew. The moment she started scanning every single face in the class, we all knew something wasn’t right. When she finally finished the “scanning”, she eventually came to the point. She said that the results were egregious and horrifying, except for one person’s result. She started to explicate the results, yet her first sentence was “are you ready to hear this?”, saying that looking right into my eyes. Oh no. Did I get the lowest mark?  I first thought that that “one person” who was an exception for the bad results was the smart kid, but I was shocked and impressively amazed when the teacher said that it was me. Was it ironic? Why did she have an expression as if she was joking? Nope. She was not. I, surprisingly got the highest mark in the whole class. Did we call that a miracle? This time that’s a yes.
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