Study Less Study Smart

Some people say that having average grades instead of having really high grades gives you time for improving yourself in different areas. If it is true then does it mean that students who study the most have no time at all? 

Great struggle of the students starts from the beginning of the studying process. If you want to study properly and efficiently, you have to clear your mind for concentrating on your study which is a really hard thing to do. Moreover, even though you concentrate for a few minutes, it is hard to maintain your concentration for 40 minutes or more. Everyone has their own learning and studying style which is why some people may need an hour while the others need a few hours to understand a specific topic.

Many people we see as successful are the ones who had regular study plans or they had studied efficiently. Therefore, studying a lot means nothing whereas studying efficiently and regularly is key to success.

Students who have high grades are often seen as asocial or seen as a person who cannot do anything besides studying. Getting good grades is not something related with being unsocial or fat or anything else. One of the main things which make people successful is their time management skills and their determination to achieve their goals. First of all, if you have no goals to achieve either in your studies or in your life, you are more likely to give up easily along with not pushing yourself to the limits, just because you don’t know what to do with your life or your studies in the future.

It is also a fact that people with high grades tend to have less time for extracurricular activities but in my opinion, it is their choice to choose between school and other activities. Furthermore, there are also many successful students who balances his/ her school work with his/her interests pretty well. As mentioned earlier, claiming that “Having average grades with time to improve myself is better than having high grades only, without free time to spend on my own” is only an excuse for not studying more.

To summarise, studying is not something which restricts you if it’s done regularly and efficiently.


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